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    My ex owned the house before we were married with a small mortgage on it. When we had kids we decided to put the house in both names so my question is do I get 50% of the house still?

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    Yes, you do.


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      Now here is where I may take some flack. If he already owned the home and only had a small mortgage then I would only ask for the difference of the value at the time of marriage and the value now not 50%. But that is me and before anyone asks, when me and ex split I only took things that belonged to me before marriage, things we bought together we split, anything his parents/family bought us he took.


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        standing, I would agree with your view in some cases. I handled the property in my divorce the same way you did. But it was a short marriage... less than 2 years.

        patsy was married for 18 years, raised their children and worked during the marriage.

        I guess the courts don't care what the duration of the marriage is, and it doesn't seem fair.

        Nobody should come out of a divorce feeling like they won a lottery.


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