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    Originally posted by Grace
    Not a bad idea about bringing in mandatory joint parenting.

    I thought that Legal Aid had a cap on what a litigant can spend on fees?

    Apparently there is a cap on family law litigation fees, however an allotment of extra hours can be approved by the director of legal aid if necessary. Appeals are also covered by the looks of it.

    I found the link for legal aid tariffs billing handbook. In this book it has the amount of billable hours allowed for family law matters depending on the issues.


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      Wow, looks like I hit on something with this thread

      Well the extension was granted and my 'reply' is being filed in time. I'm also pleased with the content of the 'reply'.

      The other good thing is that my daughter is now pretty much back to her old happy self when I arrive to pick her up and is willing to go with me again.

      That's probably why now my x throws me another curve ball and says she wants to 'talk' to try and settle outside of the courts. I'm still going ahead with the filing but I will 'listen' to what she has to say with an open mind. I'd rather settle outside then spend more money. Again I always contimplate weather it's really worth all of this or just give her what she wants in hopes that things will get better and save us all the stress and money.

      The only concern I have with talking with her about settling is that we've done it twice already and afterwards she goes and starts changing stuff because she gets upset about something before its' drawn up and signed.

      Oh well wish me luck


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        I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for you. I'd keep the court date right up until the day, in case she won't settle. A lot of times the issues are settled on the courtroom steps.

        Good Luck


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          With mine the assistant is not free but there is a small discount. So it is worth it to try to talk to him first. Check with your lawyer for fees or you might be surprised at the end of the month!


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