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  • Just trying to get answers??

    If my husband would like more access to his children "ON PAPER" would a judge allow this, or would it be a fight.

    On paper we curently are supposed to have them
    *WED 4 hrs
    *every other weekend
    *two weeks in the summer

    we currently get them every wednesday and thursday
    and every other friday saturday and sunday night, then bring them to school on Monday Morning

    And when it comes to the summer thay are here when ever they want alot more then 2 weeks.

    I think "MOM" will only fight it if her "MONEY" is changed, so if we choose to keep CS the same will a judge just let this happen??

    Should we get a lawyer??
    what Proof would we need??
    And we were thinking along the lines of shared custody, because Joint will not work becauuse after 9 years of seperation they can still get into some pretty good arguments.


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    Parenting schedule

    A status quo has evolved that differs from the original agreement/order. (That happened to us after only five months, and I have to believe it has happend to countless others.) So the answer would seem to be that yes, a judge would endorse it's continuance if it had to get that far.

    You ask "whether a judge would allow this, or would it be a fight" but what I think you're really asking is whether the custodial parent would allow it. If she refuses to agree, then yes you would have to fight for it. Then the question would be whether the facts as you state them would be agreed upon. If so, it's hard to see how the current parenting schedule would be altered, but that's a big if.


    Your stated facts don't address custody deteriminants. Can't really say what will happen. Are you able to demonstrate that you have taken on more custodial responsiblities e.g. school, medical, religion stuff that will buttress your position?


    Since you've already got the parenting schedule, not sure whether it's worth a fight to simply get it "on paper", but custody is different. So that seems to be an issue the way I'm reading it. Do you want more decision making ability "on paper" for some reason?

    Child support

    This is all assuming the CS stays the same. You say that you think Mom will be OK as long as the money stays the same. Do you want the money to stay the same? If so, that aspect should be fine. If not, you may have to get ready to rumble.
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