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  • Motion filed

    What a long morning of driving!
    I made the 1 hour trek to the court office only for her to tell me with a notice of motion, you actually serve first, but since I was there anyway, she stamped, signed, swore in the documents. Then of course there was figuring out the service, I decided to try the easy route first.
    I popped over to Wal-Mart, made copies of the sworn documents for 10¢ each page, then over to staples business depot in hopes the lawyer's fax actually answers this time (it did), so an additional $5.61 to fax the 6 pages, and another 10¢ to have her make a copy of the fax confirmation sheet. Then back over to the court to sign the affidavit of service along with the fax confirmation sheet and filed all the documents in the continuing record (notice of motion, affidavit & the 2 'exhibits' included).
    All in all I am glad I was able to get it all done with out there & avoid the constant travelling & gas cost I thought I would have to deal with.

    The only thing I didn't do was to amend the application for retroactive child support. To do this is would mean re-filing the updated application, serving the ex again, giving him an additional 30 days to respond, and an extra court date for that matter. I don't have the finances to make the chase, so I let it go.

    Court on the 16th, here I come.

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    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


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