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My Dad is seperating with his girlfriend.

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  • My Dad is seperating with his girlfriend.

    Hi, my name is Jeremy and I would like some help, I would like to help my dad since I still live with the guy and I'm 20. Hes always been there for me.

    Him and his girlfriend been living together in her house for about 6-7 years.
    I moved in about a year ago, anyways..
    Since he lived there he paid half the mortgage, did a crazy amount of repairs and paid for almost everything.
    Repaired and replaced the roof, stone porch, renovated all over the place..
    And he did all this because he thought that he will own some of the house too one day.
    He spent over 100 grand on this house and paying for everything for her and her kid.

    Now she wants to kick me out of the basement apartment(I have no lease) and hes getting kicked out along with my younger sister.
    This is totally unfair, and she just went behind his back and flushed all his receipts down for recent repairs.

    The poor guy is depressed and he don't know what to do.. I'm trying to be there for him and I/we need advice.

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    Did he pay for these repairs via an account debit card or via a charge card?
    If so then he simply requests a copy of the statements from the bank or Credit company.

    If by chance he withdrew the money then went and purchased the items then getting a bank statement showing the withdrawals would also show how the renovations were paid for.

    He would then need to get a document to show what the house was purchased for, which is the starting value of the home, then he can get a person to appraise the home at the date she kicked him out. If he is still in the home then he should get on it right away before he is out. Schedule a time for the appraisal when she is away at work are out for another reason, and make sure the appraiser knows the situation.
    Sometimes they will make an appraisal on just the outside plus the receipts of renovations and they compare it to other sales in the area with similar homes to your dad's. They note the terms of the appraisal and give an estimate range rather then one value.

    As CL there is no automatic splitting, except if he can demonstrate that he directly or indirectly contributed to the increase in the homes value.
    This claim is done via a claim of “unjust enrichment. He can claim unjust enrichment, since he purchased items and did the physical renovations. This saved on the costs of the renovations and increased the amount of the equity because they did not pay contractors.
    Hope this helps.
    Your dad is lucky to have a son like you!


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      I agree--and went through a very similar circumstance. The appraisal was done based on the renos I did to our house (value increasing renos--adding a bathroom, and a bedroom) and the value of similar property sales in the area. It worked out to my advantage, and I allowed him to keep the house and buy my stake in the house. On a $230 000 house I was up $45000 after all was said and done.


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