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How to fill in form 14A, 14B and 25 (uncontested child custody change)

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  • How to fill in form 14A, 14B and 25 (uncontested child custody change)

    I have been divorced for 11 years and we agreed that it is time for my son to come live with me in Ottawa. It is what my son wants, and the mother is not contesting the decision. In fact, she lives in Europe (France) and she is moving to the middle east, and she understands our son does not want to follow her.

    Anyway, we've always done the paper work ourselves in Qu├ębec and in France, but I am not too familiar with the vocabulary I should use when I fill in the forms in Ontario and I am wondering where to learn how to fill the forms 14A, 14B and 25. I will be filling the forms in french.

    In form 14B , I have to give the laws and rules on which we are relying. Where do I find that?

    Any pointers for the other forms?

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    Basically all you want to do is have the court perhaps change a previous order of custody of your child from your former spouse to yourself? Is this correct?

    One more question, How old is your child?



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      Yes, I want the court to change a previous order. The previous order was obtained in Paris, France, so I'll see over there what has to be done to cancel it once I have the new court order in Ottawa (according to a lawyer over there, nothing needs to be done). My son is 12.

      I heard they provide assistance at the Ottawa court house family law office, so I'll check with them too.


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        I think you will have to bring forth a motion to vary. The Ottawa court may hear the matter or may just declare they have no jurisdiction and refer the matter back to the court where the child currently is living. If the change is on consent, it should be no problem which court eventually hears and endorses a consent order.



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