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Case Conference Procedure

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  • Case Conference Procedure

    I have my first CC this coming Wed. and was hoping someone could provide me with a quick overview of what to expect. (i.e. who speaks first, for how long etc.). I assume you just talk to the unresolved issues that have been submitted in the brief. Thanks...

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    Search "case conference" here. There's lots of stuff.


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      Proceedure for CC

      A CC is informal. You will not need to stand to speak. There is little set proceedure. Typicallly the Applicant goes first in all court actions. However, if you are self-represented the judge may ask the other party's lawyer to begin. Normally, the judge asks what the issues are because he/she hasn't read the file. The judge will attempt to mediate issues. He/she will ask you or ex why you haven't done something (pay support, file financial statements, allowed access, etc.). The judge will try to more issues along. he/she may ask the parties to agree to some things (ex appointment of the Office of the Children's Lawyer) or they could order other things (ex. support).
      It is my opinion that bringing a lawyer to a CC is a massive waste of money. You will wait all day for a 30 minute chat in front of the judge. If your ex is like mine - nothing will be agreed upon. Paying someone to hold your hand through this is rediculous. Represent yourself. Know what you want ahead of time. But, listen to the judge. He/she will indicate what the likely outcome will be. Consider the judge's advise.


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