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    So those who don't know, or don't remember, my ex and I were in a year long battle that ended at a Settlement Conference. From 2012 to 2019, my ex had EOW with our 10yo Son. Ex started court proceedings asking for 50/50 custody, majority parenting-time and no child support despite making $170,000 in the year.

    I had been unrepresented the entire time while my ex had a lawyer.

    During our Settlement Conference, my ex signed an agreement to give up all parenting-time, and any remaining decision-making (such as extra-curricular activities) for a reduction in section 7 expenses. Further, it got added that our Son "shall have the final decision on any parenting-time afforded to the Respondent [my ex]". Essentially, my Son gets to decide if he ever see's my ex again. This happened in August this year.

    Since then, my ex has been silent. He has not messaged my Son even though he's allowed to.

    On the first of the month, my ex did not pay child support as required in the order. I had messaged him and he used the child support as hostage until I gave him information about my Son such as times and locations on where he would be (despite a court order specifically stating I do not have to provide that information. He is to message my Son and if my Son wants to provide it, he can).

    After a heated battle over text which resulted in him paying after saying "I hope your parents die and [my son] doesn't have them around anymore", my ex stated he was going to take me back to court for full custody.

    Obviously it is a scare tactic and with zero material change, and an order not even 2 months old in which he gave up all his rights, I cannot see any change happening.

    My question is, can anything be done about the frequent threats of court proceedings such as above? This is not the first time he has done this. In 2016 he took me to court because I didn't consent to him not having to pay child support... After months of legal fees, we went to court and the Judge ordered more than what he was paying, plus arrears.

    I just want this to stop...

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    Do you have a cs number in the order? File it with FRO and then put him on ignore.


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      Agree, file with FRO.

      Let him take you back to court (he won't), he will not come out any farther ahead than he is now.


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