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    I am Hindu male currently residing in Toronto. Got married in India according to Hindu law in June’ 2012 and we came to Toronto as part of my work assignment in May’ 2013. Our Son was born in Nov’2013 in Toronto, Canada.

    My spouse started living separately from March 2017 with her Father in India. Upon numerous failed attempts for mutual settlement in India from 2017 to 2019, i filed for Simple Divorce from Toronto,Canada in Nov’ 2019. My Indian lawyer served the notice to my spouse in India during Dec’ 2019.

    There was no response from my spouse for my notice and there was long due to COVID for the Central Authority to provide the acknowledgement of notice served.

    In May’ 2022 spouse represented the lawyer from Canada and contested from India on my email notice served. During July’ 2022 they provided the list of settlement demands which are not looking convincing.

    Based on details above, your valuable guidance on the below queries will be much appreciated so that i can decide on proceeding with the case further.


    1. How the Child support is arrived when Father living in Canada and Spouse with child living in India? Is the Child Support Table as per the Ontario govt guidelines is applicable for my case if not how it is arrived at?

    2. Although my Spouse currently not working, being an Engineering graduate is she entitled for Spousal support?


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    Your situation is complicated. You really should seek legal advice from a lawyer.


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      Your situation is complicated. You really should seek legal advice from a lawyer.
      Exactly this.

      There is not enough information to answer either of your questions. Nor should the level of detail required be shared on this forum. Talk to your lawyer.


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        Originally posted by Brampton33 View Post
        Agreed. The level of complexity associated with this enquiry requires proper legal advice. Its better to spend $1000 for a few hours of legal advice and get it right, rather than free advice from people killing time on their computers.
        and have NO IDEA about the complexities of international stuff mixing with family law... Its super duper complex.


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