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Procedural 15D Consent Motion to Change when in Case Management

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  • Procedural 15D Consent Motion to Change when in Case Management

    As a follow up to my last post (thank you everyone).

    Our case is presently in case management (though we have not been in front of the judge since 2019) and so we do not have a final order (no OP will not agree to settling all the related matters).


    1) is it appropriate to file a 15D Motion on Consent to change child support without asking leave from the justice when there is no final order in place?

    2) if 15D is still appropriate and OP refuses to sign order Motion on Consent, can I

    a. file my own motion
    b. ask leave from the case management judge to file my own motion to change the support payments
    c. request a follow a case conference to update the case management judge on the matter

    I certainly don't want to waste the courts time and am wondering what the most appropriate course of action might be.

    (I was about to pose these questions through the local courthouse through their case management office, but thought I might be able to refine my questions if I had a couple of these answered by you fine folks)

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    If no consent
    You would start by filing a motion to change
    then you have a rule 39 meeting
    then you have a Case Conference

    and all that good in between stuff.

    I don't know if the 15D applies if there is a change in residence.


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