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Case Conference Brief (17A) - What to Include?

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  • Case Conference Brief (17A) - What to Include?

    Does anyone have any advice as to what to include on Form 17A case conference brief? Ex is seeking spousal even though DOS is Dec. 15, 2002. She has not worked since a little prior to that time and has instead been living off a family inheritance which is now depleted. I haven't received their forms yet however I am speculating that she will be claiming she hasn't worked due to stress disorder. (although I doubt with sufficient medical backup).

    Ex has also been living in sister's home for which she (the sister) receives some form of government assistance for even though she doesn't reside their and has moved in with wealthy boyfriend (and now drives a convertible Mercedes etc.) Is this something to be mentioned in the brief?

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    I would think that the courts would view the inheritance from the DOS 2002 to present as a sort of substitute for SS, in that she had from 2002 until 2008 to get back on her feet.

    And I would hope, that a court would see this for what it is, a person who has chosen not to become self supportive, and after 6 years has exhausted her other means of support only to feel that now she can ask for SS.

    Hopefully the courts will rule that she had 6 years to get on her feet, and if she needed extra help during that time she should not have waiting 6 years.

    Good luck on your case.


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