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Can a Settlement conference be contested?

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  • Can a Settlement conference be contested?

    In July 2021 I filed a MTC for ongoing support amount, retro CS and division of s7 expenses. Ex obviously doesnt agree so off to court we go. We had 2 DRO conferences and then a settlement conference. Judge began by telling me that my documents would not open so he wasn't able to read my briefs. My question is should that have made our settlement conference moved to another date? I filed my hard copy documents directly with the courts, no uploading of anything. So I feel that this is a clerical error, not an error on my part. I am not happy with the results that were decided, but found it difficult to argue as the judge hadn't seen my arguments or briefs. Can I contest this settlement conference? Do I need to start a whole new MTC? Please send help! I am losing sleep and sanity on this!

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    Was there a final order or minutes of settlement put forward? If not you could probably request a trial.


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      You could motion to set the endorsement aside, but highly unlikely. If it's a temp order, just continue on your path to trial. If it was a final order, you need a lawyer asap.


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        Put in a call to FLIC.
        I saw this before and the judge rescheduled, they didn't even ask us.


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