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50/50 via gradual access

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  • 50/50 via gradual access


    Thank you for all of your great help over the years.

    Currently EOW and a mid week parenting time three hours for our five year old is on the books and also on consent another bunch or court orders that I really wanted and finally we agreed to.

    On the issue of 50/50 parenting time vis a vis some sort of increased access over the years how would that be best presented to the other side.

    This is our remaining issue to resolve.

    Thank you for any thoughts.

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    Thanks and yes, almost six nowand in court right offthe hop.

    Tried everything possible to keep the child from me including calling police multiple times and the police knew she was lying but still i agreed to supervised access at that time, almost four years ago.

    Currently EOW and a weekday access for a few hours.

    I want to be out of court and the last issue is the parenting time as everything else is
    basically settled.

    I was thinking that if I replaced my 50/50 parenting time with some sort of gradual increase over the years that would be the best move.


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