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Is this acting in bad faith?

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  • Is this acting in bad faith?

    So ex hasn’t spoken to my son since early May and has ignored all communication from me. I finally receive an offer from my ex who is looking to give up a all parenting-time and have 0%. He also dropped the fight to get decision making and residency and agreed to raise CS to the correct value. All he is fighting to keep is the mobility radius of 50km and to prevent my son from changing his last name.

    I don’t get how he’d be able to argue preventing my mobility when he has no parenting-time period, but my question is on the aspect of the last name of my son. He recently started therapy and told the therapist he wanted to take his step-fathers last name. The therapist spoke to him about it on many sessions and it’s clear it’s something he wants. Currently I have full legal authority to change my sons last name as I have sole custody and there is no current order preventing it.

    However would it be seen as bad faith if my ex is seeking to add the prevention of a last name change and I go ahead and change it anyways (albeit I am in full legal authority to do so)?

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    Is this acting in bad faith?

    Its not bad faith.

    He can ask for whatever he wants. If you want the radius tell him you wont change kids name if he allows you to move. Problem solved.

    Your son may feel this way now but its stupid to change it. I felt the same way from 13-20 but I kept my dads name as it was my identity. As much as I wanted to punish him, jt was my name.


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      You sound like you just won the lottery! If step-dad is onboard to raise this child and in agreement to share his last name then shouldn't he also want to financially support him? Like legally adopt him?? Since the bio Dad is now outta the picture???

      I also have a son same age, with mental health issues like yours, never has it entered his mind to change his name or mine, and we dont have the same last name. Let him change his name when he is legally allowed, I'd take a step back, you got what you wanted, bio Dad outta his life with full child support.

      Rant over!


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        I agree with rockscan. Exchange mobility for not changing his name. It's a short term thing anyway if he really wants to change it in a few years, he's legally allowed to do so on his own at 16.


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