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Failure to abide by court order???

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  • Failure to abide by court order???


    Our court order dictates a spousal review takes place this year.

    I have provided my ex with the appropriate documents needed to complete h the review; my ex has not.

    It’s been over 8 months of emails and letters from my lawyer requesting the documents.

    My ex has gone dark.

    We are looking to impute income; at the final court appearance, the judge instructed my ex to make reasonable attempts at gainful employment. Part of the review is asking what has been done in the past 5 years about obtaining a job.

    Will the court look unfavourably at my ex for willful non-compliance of a court order? Do I press on? I had to take my ex to court to get my divorce; I suspect I’m going to have to do the same here.


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    Press on. Your ex has probably decided to ignore to avoid anything thinking you will give up. Next step will probably be a motion to change and requesting imputation as well as full disclosure. The sooner you start, they better off you will be.

    As for what will happen for non compliancenothing more than a stern warning. There is no real punishment for not following the agreement.


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      A lawyer shouldn't be needed for this part and why would they wait so long to file a Motion for Change.

      Give filing out the forms yourself a try.


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