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    Good day all!

    I am self rep. I requested 3 dates for a Settlement Conference with trial coordinators office (other party cc'd in email), received the dates and emailed the other party to ask which date worked for them. It's been a week and no response. How can I get a date booked if they continue to ignore me?

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    I had a similar situation and did the following. Iím not a lawyer, but it worked for me.

    Send a letter. My letter dated mmyydd requires a response. May I have a response?

    Then one week later. I have not received a response to my letter dated mmyydd. I sent a request for your response on mmyydd and have still not heard back. X days have passed. My original letter is attached for convenience.

    Do this for 3-4 weeks. And if you still donít get a response, they you can send a without prejudice offer to settle asking them to respond confirming availability for the settlement conference by date x, failing which you will be obligated to bring a motion to seek assistance from the judge and will be seeking costs.


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