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  • New-Self Rep atm

    Hello all,
    New to posting. Divorce starting.....already an EPO initiated by the ex.
    I hope to get involved and learn from you all as this proceeds forward.
    Right now I am wondering if anyone can point me toward the timelines for service (5 or 20 days) when an application is filed in Alberta. I am unable to find those online.

    Has anyone had an EPO review? Can a person ask for things such as child access etc. at that time? Are orders made outside the issue of the protection order such as child access time, possession or sale of the home, mediation?
    Thank you in advance for any guidance.

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    As far as I know advice here is Ontario based.
    My presumption is that you have seen quite a bit online but like me didn't find what you wanted.

    I looked online at the Alberta stuff and it seems a bit more difficult to navigate.
    If available to you I would mosey on down to the court house and simply enquire, say you want to be divorced and can't afford a lawyer, where can I find all the rules for deadlines etc. Then verify.


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      Found this if anyone needs it:

      Service of claim documents

      3(1) The applicant must serve each person named in the claim as a respondent, and each person who is required by the Act to be served, with a copy of the documents filed under section 2.

      (2) The documents referred to in subsection (1)

      (a) must be served by leaving a copy of the documents with the individual being served and not with the individual’s lawyer of record, if any, and

      (b) must be served

      (i) 20 days or more before the date set out in the claim if service is effected in Alberta,

      (ii) one month or more before the date set out in the claim if service is effected outside Alberta but within Canada, and

      (iii) 2 months or more before the date set out in the claim if service is effected outside Canada.

      Yes, it's very difficult to navigate, still looking for anyone who has been to a EPO review.



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