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  • Case Conference mistakes

    I didn't ask for the moon but I did ask for something substantial and what I think is what the current status quo is. There is child support, decision making, minor mobility.
    A brief has to be submitted, how critical is it that I get this right? I believe this is going to trial or at the very least the other side will hold out until the last minute.

    Need experienced opinion on what is critical that I include and not include in the brief and affidavit. I don't want to get trapped in some battle for costs and threat of trial, it does no one good.

    thank you

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    I was self-repped for my case conferences but hired a lawyer to first, show me how by brief should look, be formatted, and what should be included, and then review it before I submitted it to the court to make sure I didn't make any big mistakes.


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      This has a good description of what to address in your brief:


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        What's the point of a case conference:
        - what are the issues
        - can they agree to settle any issue
        - can they agree to a temp order on any issue
        - do they have/need anymore disclosure
        - book a settlement conference

        Just like 1st appearance is to book a cc - Cc is to book a SC. The only mistake you can make is not booking your next step.


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