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  • Form 8E

    I have noticed in my reading (after finding many resources thanks to everyone here) that I will also need to include form 8E - A summary of court cases.
    The questions I have are; I realize I need to include the temporary order that was put in place back in January 2006, but I am not even certain of it's status - things were stalled for a number of months so would that mean it's been 'cancelled'?
    Also, pertaining to the ex's live-in who was charged, do I also include that case file number as well as the no-contact order (I have copies of both but I don't recall if they have 'case numbers' on them, I'll have to check when I am home).
    I ask this because it states that I need to include (basically) cases that involve/affect the applicant and/or any children involved, thus since she is charged in a child abuse case under section 267(a) 'assault with a weapon' should this be included or not?

    Thank you

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    Responding to myself.. heh
    Ok so I called the court office & gained a nice amount of information. They have yet to update some documents, so Form 8E no longer has to be submitted. She gave me the costs and also information about being able to go to the court closest to me on Fridays to file papers instead of the long trip I thought I would have to make.
    The cost for filing the application is about what I expected, but the cost to file the affidavit is just plain crazy; either way, it's time to get this chapter of my life over with.
    Thanks to everyone for the information. I'm sure I'll be back with a zillion more questions during this time.


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