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    Hello Everybody,

    I would appreciate your comments/experiences on the working speed of FRO.Even after I have my final decision( Jan 08 but interim since Aug07)about the support I didn't get even one single support from them.Yesterday they send me a letter stating that they have received the May07 court order and would be enforcing it.In May 07 I had a court date but it was adjourned and The Judge ordered my ex an Interim support order and it was clearly menioned only for the month of June and July.

    Any idea how slow they can be?

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    Hopefully FRO does not err and enforce the order as if it were an order that is to continue every month, not just the two months in question.
    This will cause overpayment once payments actually start being taken from your ex. Then it gets complicated as FRO will basically freeze the account if they discover the error. They'll try to recover the money from you to cover the error. So if they begin payments, if I were you, I'd take the two months that you are entitled to but leave anything else until the issue is cleared up both in the courts and FRO. FRO may require further direction from the courts to clarify the two month support obligation.
    And FYI they move slower than turtles.

    But once everything is in order they are quite dependable. Good Luck.



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      Thankyou FL Needs To Change

      The funny part is that he paid me for those two months through my lawyer.The total amount of support is same just $1 difference so I don't owe him anything.Lets see how forceful can the FRO be.Already 5th and didn't get even a penny even after the final orders.


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        If your order clearly indicated that support was for the two month duration, this can be the reason why you are not receiving any monthly payments from FRO even though they received the order late. The order would have been prepared by your lawyer and if he received CS from the ex he would be legally obligated to include that information when sending a copy of the order to the FRO. Other wise I would think that he would be in some serious trouble for misleading documents that caused financial hardship for your ex.


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          Hello Everybody

          I met with one of the officers from FRO.Explained hi everything and gave him a copy of all the orders till now.I also mentioned each and every partial payment that he did pay.Since the retro was also ordered in Aug07 orders so pretty much they have a idea now and after their regular legal routes I think they will bring him on track


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            Forgot to mention Thankyou FL Needs To Change for all the information and advise



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              Sufferer, how do you "meet with one of the officers from the FRO?"
              I am asking such as I could use a one-on-one in sorting out my various orders as well. Thanks.


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                Hi there

                If you are in Ottawa west then it is located on 100 constellation st IInd floor.It is a human resource and employement centre( west side office I suppose).If you want I will provide you with the number too


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                  Thank you for the reply...i am in Thunder Bay....I suppose i could find out from here. Again, thanks


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