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Divorced, moving to Quebec, pays support to ex. How to claim it on Quebec taxes?

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  • Divorced, moving to Quebec, pays support to ex. How to claim it on Quebec taxes?


    Looking for information about Quebec rules for handling spousal support payments. Situation is:
    • Divorced in Ontario, living in Ottawa, I pay spousal support directly to my ex who now lives in Nova Scotia.
    • Amount is set in Separation Agreement, not in the Divorce Order (never needed a court order) - no problems here.
    • Children are over 18, in university, Child Support is no longer paid to ex, I help my children directly.
    • I filed form T1158 "Registration of Family Support Payments" with CRA in the past so that I can claim on my taxes the spousal support payments that I send to my ex - CRA accepted, but asks for it again now and then.

    I am now considering moving to Quebec with a new partner. My questions are:
    1. What is the equivalent form T1158 in Revenue Québec? What would I need to do so that Quebec does not tax me on the amount I send my ex (Quebec taxes are high enough!)
    2. I don't want to mansplain here, but if you don't know, Québec does not rely on the CRA for anything related to income tax filling. It's a completely separate process and taxes are filed twice if you live there.
    3. Quebec has a "support-payment collection program" where the debtor (me) has to pay Revenue Québec and they in turn pay the creditor (my ex).
    4. Would I be required to use this "support-payment collection program" in order to be allowed to claim support payments on my Quebec taxes?
    5. I would rather continue paying my ex directly - things are reasonably ok right now and I want to avoid reopening things.

    Has any one been through the same process? I'd be very thankful for any insight on this!

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    Replying to myself since I found the answer:

    - you must use the "support-payment collection program" in Quebec if you have a court order about the spousal support
    - I don't have a court order, only a separation agreement, so don't have to use it (probably can't even if I wanted to)
    - I can claim the payment on my Quebec taxes same as with the CRA
    - should keep proof that I have sent payments if Revenue Quebec asks, and they may ask for copy of separation agreement same as CRA does


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