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Expenses (Form 13.1)

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  • Expenses (Form 13.1)

    I know that you have to provide "proof" re assets/liabilities (e.g., bank statements, brokerage statements, etc.). But for the "expenses" sections (e.g., Part 2: Expenses and Part 2: Expenses/Proposed Budget"), what "proof" has to accompany Form 13.1?
    TBD whether my case will be lawyer agreement, mediation or court, if that makes any difference to the answer

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    Assets, income and debt should include proof. People's expenses and bills are pretty standard. No proof needed, unless they're challenging your water bill or something.


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      My understanding is this section is used to show that spousal support is either needed or unaffordable depending on whether you are the payor or receiver.

      Consequently, if you are claiming that you spend $2,000 on a monthly car payment, or you spend $5,000 per month on vacations - it might trigger a request for proof.

      $500 per month on groceries? I wouldn't expect any sane lawyer to demand proof.


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