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    just want to share my experience working with Mr. Rodney B. Cross from Ottawa, listing a few facts and posting a screenshot of the bill he sent me, please do read carefully before you hire him:

    1. He doesn't send you a retainer agreement when you pay him the retainer, which makes it difficult for you to know how he charges you for his billable hours, not professional at all!!

    2. He always stalls your case to move forward. eg. I wrote to him to arrange a mediation with my Ex, Mr. Cross wrote to me that I was right and He would take a second look at my case and then nothing was arranged until I fired him.

    3.Despite all those billable hours Mr. Cross claimed he has worked on my case, he was not doing his due diligence. During a 30-min phone call to revise my financial statement, he failed to mention nothing of the doubts my EX had on my file. Had he done his due diligence like he claimed on my case, how was this even possible? He would also take lots of time on the phone to discuss the amount of your water bill is too low or your property tax is too high on the financial statement, which I think is a total waste of time and money. Paying him $315/h to discuss these?! I did object on site but he said this was his way of helping clients!

    4. Instead of listing the minutes breakdown of each task he worked on my case, his bill only shows how many hours he has worked in total. If you ask for a breakdown of the bill, he just ignores you.

    5. you should prepare to pay extra amount of money ($50 cent/page plus HST VS. 10cent/page printing from a community library) to him on printing every single page of your file, because it is more convenient for him to read on paper.

    6. the screenshot is the bill he sent me.

    I have to say I spent a large amount of legal fee for nothing useful!
    Good luck to you if you still wanna hire him after reading this.

    bill screenshot in the google review link:

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    Hi Luna,

    The review has been taken down.

    Clearly this lawyer wasn't a good match for you. I would have fired him as well if he was questioning water bills or billing me for printing.

    In fact, I did fire my first lawyer since he simply talked about "war stories" and then billed me for it. Also was into the habit of writing wasteful letters to my ex's lawyers that served no purpose except to run out the bill. I came out of this experience about $1,500 poorer but no further ahead.

    Any lawyer who can't ballpark how your case will turn out in about 30 minutes (assuming you've supplied them with the right amount of accurate information) is incompetent or is running up the bill, IMHO.


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      Originally posted by ifonlyihadknown View Post
      Hi Luna,

      The review has been taken down.
      I clicked the link in my post and I can see the review is still there.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, it's so hard to find a honest lawyer these days.


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        Luna, you are not the only one to notice Cross' lack of ethics. He violated the Solicitor's Act AND the Law Society's Rules of Professional Conduct and the Law Society will NOT investigate him for misconduct. He is the poster child for why the profession has a bad reputation.


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