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Contested divorce taking forever

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    To clarify she is taking her sweet time responding about the details of the separation agreement even though my partner had responded that he agreed with the changes . So she can just take forever getting back about all of this and updating the agreement and all the while my ex doesn't get his divorce papers signed?

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  • Diverged
    started a topic Contested divorce taking forever

    Contested divorce taking forever

    My partner has been trying to get a divorce for a couple of years now and it's been one thing after another. First, there was a huge mixup with his lawyers office and the divorce paperwork. Eventually, his ex got served divorce papers. She finally responded, but she contested the divorce. It's a long story, but she was going to g after back child support. His ex wanted to finalize their separation agreement and add some updates. They had to work through post secondary and change a few other minor items. My partner agreed to all this and to pay the back support.

    They worked it out so he is contributing a lump sum to the kids Resp rather than paying her the back support directly. However, this process has stopped and its been a few months with no word.

    My partner emailed his lawyer a week ago, no response yet. He's going to try calling. Now that they've worked through the details, isn't it logical for her to sign the divorce papers?

    When my partner received a letter from his exs lawyer it stated that they recieved the divorce application but there were some items to work through, and she wanted to work through the items "in order to avoid a contested divorce". Then a couple of lawyer letters later and she is asking for back support.

    Is there a quick easy way for my partner to get this divorce paper work signed? At some point shouldnt she have to sign the papers?! Is there something he can do to force her hand at this? How does this work?? He should get his lawyer to send her a letter requesting the divorce be signed now that they've worked out everything?
    They still don't have their finalized separation agreement. Can his ex use this fact as leverage to not have to sign the divorce papers??
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