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Contested divorce taking forever

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    Still waiting on divorce to be finalized, signed off on by the judge at the court

    Divorce process started almost 4 years ago

    Divorce paperwork is all completed, sitting in the courthouse, signed by both parties, separation agreement attached etc. Partners lawyer contacted him a couple months ago, one date was missing, they provided it

    Now we are waiting for some sort of acknowledgement that divorce is finalized, divorce certificate

    Change in circumstance, I have been diagnosed with late stage terminal cancer and my partner and I want to get married. We've been together for 7 years. Literally the only thing holding us back is this divorce going through that had been so long in the making

    Still.. I am under the impression that circumstances aside there is probably nothing we can do to get the ball rolling on this. So, I guess we sit around for more months on end for this divorce to go through? Seems pretty lengthy... Is the court system backed up or something?


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      We want to get married in the fall but we cannot pick a date because we have no word on the divorce being finalized. We don't know when it will be. I have limited life expectancy, maybe a couple of years, give or take? But it's gotten to the point where this divorce process has been holding us back from living our life and moving forward


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