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    I do not know if I am posting on the right section but I wanted you to know that I do not feel so alone anymore.....cannot explain it but to know that someone is out there ready to help and going or has gone through the same thing has made a difference in my life. I don't really trust lawyers (no offence to anybody) as I was ridiculed in court and my defense lawyer was....huuumm... let's just say - not very caring of my welfare and needs. That's all...

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    Hi there

    Very true.Two years ago when I started my separation I was very lonely and broke.After I found the site I got a lot of support and gained knowledge about the family law in Ontario.
    I am very thankful to the site and ofcourse our hard working moderator LV and all the active members


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      No kidding. Before I separated and then wound up in the court system, I had a little appreciation for the emotional strain that comes with the process, but actually going through it is like a hammer on the head. And I've only been in it for a year. Still have the possbility of a trial looming in the distance.

      Without LOTS of support from family especially, but also this website and a counselling session or three thrown in for good measure, I would be in a straight jacket.


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        Hi, I too am grateful for this forum and that fact I'm not the only one. I'm only at the start of this process (2 months) and thank goodness for the support of family and friends. I like the advice from other members, and the recommendations for various sites to educate oneself. I realize I have a long road ahead of me, and will keep tuned in to this forum and will try to keep the self-pity to a minimal or eliminate it!!! Take Care!


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          Very helpful site for many reasons!
          I stumbled on it by accident and have since promoted it to many...


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