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  • Starting the divorce - Mutual

    My spouse finally decided to agree to mutual separation but I am not sure if she will withdraw her consent any day in future
    Should I hire a lawyer or is there any easier process until we do not agree to each other terms?
    We have house, kids, property in foriegn country

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    You should 100% consult with a lawyer, and at least hire one to keep in your back pocket. Do not file anything without running it by the lawyer to make sure you're not shooting yourself in the foot.

    The property in a foreign country can be particularity tricky.

    Not to say that it has to be contentious either, so try to find a lawyer who focuses on things like 'collaborative law' as opposing to running to court.


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      What Kinso said plus:

      Talk about it with your spouse ahead of time otherwise you will destroy the trust in this.
      In that discussion I would definitely tell her that others have said: "My lawyer will whisper sweet nothings in my ear telling me I deserve more and am entitled to more. Your lawyer will do the same. Let us not fall into that trap." Not all family law lawyers do this but the lawyers that are on here should also be agreeing it is common place often under the guise "I am required duty to fully inform my client" and that may be but it is also a tool.

      Put all the things each of you want on paper, even if you disagree that is OK it will help you keep focus and have something to bring to your lawyer.
      Research, if you can write your own Separation Agreement

      They MUST have their own lawyer and you must have your own lawyer.

      Do the work at the library or other similar place if you can, it will help you keep composure....Doing it at home can make for tension.

      Keep the kids out of it until it is done....their statements can sway emotions.

      Good luck.


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