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How to protect from allegations

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  • How to protect from allegations

    Hi all,

    I recently moved to supervised access with my sister (instead of professional supervisor). I was ordered supervised access because my ex alleged few things (later proven to be false - but she's still insisting on supervision).

    Now I have received a letter from her lawyer that alleges I have been involving the kids in adult conversations since the supervision moved to my sister.

    They have stated examples of EVERY weekend that I saw my kids for the past 3 months until last weekend where they allege the kid said/did something that shows adult conversations, such as one of my boys saying "Daddy said he still loves you, do you love him"? Apparently they also took off their underwear and laughed and when questioned, they said "Daddy does it". None of these are true.

    Unfortunately, my court order states visits can happen either with my sister or a professional supervisor. And so, they're saying if I don't change my behavior, they have no choice but to re-instate access with the professional supervisor.

    My question is:

    1) how do I protect myself against these allegations in the future? None of her allegations are true. My kids have asked me if I love their Mom and I say "It's good to love your mom/dad" and change the subject.

    2) What are my options in the case she unilaterally decides for me to use a professional supervisor?

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    1) They have no evidence....they are trying to upset you and throw you off.

    2) If they were not lying about the allegation they would be bringing in a children's lawyer. Instead they want your own words to hang you.

    3) Deny it. Remember "anything you say will be used against you". Even if innocent and honest it will still be twisted.

    4) Record your visits? Also keep a diary of the vists, dates, times, places, participants.

    She can't unilaterally decide that you to use a professional supervisor. The judge already decided that your sister or a professional can do it and your sister is doing it. Get a back up just in case they bring a motion.

    6) Do not go near your exes residence even if invited you to the driveway and stay away from them at all costs.....walk away from the vicinity if she is about. That way you can say you were never near her.
    It is all just lying that your ex is doing to abuse you and win....her lawyer probably has to "believe her" so they just repeat what they said.

    Don't agree to a child assessment they are trouble, if they ask for one get legal advice.

    Wait till your trial is over....

    Dishonest people often win so keep that in mind and don't feel guilty about protecting yourself with a denial. "didn't happen" with no explanation or not saying anything (on advice of a lawyer) is the best response. They have no right to interrogate you and expect you to participate.


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