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  • Lawyer Professionalism

    I've been receiving emails lately from my Ex's Lawyer which, to me at least, seem to be rather unprofessional. Do lawyers usually phrase things in a manner where it appears to be them making a request not their client? Or stating their opinion on a matter? I'll use some examples...

    "Also, through this process, I ask and hope that you would..."

    "Lastly, while we are navigating this difficult issue, I ask that you..."

    "...these sorts of allegations are disturbing, to say the least."

    I may just be overly critical and looking for fault, but it seems to me that when he writes that way the statements and requests are from him, and not his client.

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    The lawyer will phrase things in a way that they feel will help their client.

    If it rattles you and causes you to respond in a way that hurts your case, then that's a win for the lawyer.


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      In my experience this is just par for the course. My ex has had several different lawyers over the course of our ongoing 10 year litigation and they all seem to communicate this way. To save my sanity I give all his lawyers and the opposing players nicknames. His lawyers have included Mr. Manure and Mr. P...Envy to name a few.


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