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Spousal support - how to pay?

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  • Spousal support - how to pay?

    First post here.

    I need advice. Have a lawyer but he is always hard to reach and/or does not reply.

    The situation:
    -had a motion on march 4
    -result was ss and cs in new amounts
    -motion endorsement was issued on March 9 and said new amounts as of March 1, although had already paid March 1 support based on prior amount. Current amount is less.
    -motion endorsement said that support payments are to be through FRO
    -FRO has not contacted me
    -I have asked lawyer how to pay April 1 and how to adjust for the march 1 overpayment.
    -If I do not pay April 1, opposing counsel will use it against me in a future hearing, i.e. he did not pay on April 1, he could have contacted me, he wanted me and the children to suffer etc.
    -I want to do this properly so that I have paid on time

    It is a high conflict divorce and there is no chance of contacting my STBX. In fact, I am blocked and cannot reach her directly.

    Advice very much appreciated

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    Call FRO and ask them how to proceed. This should not involve your ex at all. You don't have to wait for them to call you.


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      There should have been a support deduction order issued after the endorsement.

      Janus is right, call FRO and ask them if anything has been filed. If not, you will need to file the endorsement with FRO yourself.


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