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    A few years ago I got court order that keeps ex away from me or no contact. It also says ex can only have contact with children supervised at an access center. He has not seen our kids since 2014 because he refuses to be supervised. He suffers from psychosis and delusions and it plays into his paranoia that he is being spied on. Anyway, does this court order for supervised access automatically expire when my kids are 18? I'm just wondering if he will simply wait until eldest is 18 next year and try to make contact directly and if he would be breaking any laws.

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    I would think that once they turn 18 they get to decide if they want to see him. They would also get to dictate how that plays out to him. For instance they could tell him they will only see him with another family member or friend present in a public place. Depending on the severity of his status they can decide not to see him.

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      This is a very good question. I have never seen a family law no-contact order go that long on a file myself.


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