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filed a motion but had an error

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  • filed a motion but had an error


    I filed a motion BUT there was an typo in it.
    I wanted a support clause changed:

    From: Mary will pay Bob $350 a month in spousal support
    to: Mary will pay Bob $350 a month is spousal support via FRO.

    On the motion paper I mistakenly put:
    Mary will pay bob $50 a month in spousal support via FRO.

    In may affidavit I have the right terms and the terms cannot be changed.

    What do I need to do to correct the error?

    thank you.

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    Assuming your minutes of settlement is correct and only typo is in draft order, I would call the court and speak to the court staff and bring the typo in draft order to their attention. Maybe they will ask you to email a new/corrected copy.

    Assuming, the court order with typo is already signed by the judge, then I believe as per the Family Law Rules, you need to bring a procedural motion to correct the order.

    In any case, the court staff should be able to guide you.

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