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    My ex said he will be filing a motion to change.

    What is the timing for the process? I am hoping it will be sometime after Christmas but I don't know.

    Is there any good references to learn about the process and how to defend my position?

    I will be working with my lawyer, just hoping to get informed on it on my own before our next meeting.

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    There are a number of factors that impact things. First and foremost is you donít have to go to court if you can agree on the change being proposed. If it involves a change in income, cs does change. If it involves section 7 expenses, there is a calculation. If it involves a change in parenting time, look at the positive impact to your kids NOT to cs.

    All that said, depending on the change your ex is requesting and the situation, the next steps will be he serves you, you respond, you get a date for a conference, you meet with a judge who will go over the case and both positions, the judge will provide some advice and guidance on reaching a settlement.

    You probably wont be in court until the new year and it will probably be March April at the earliest.

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