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    Originally posted by smadax View Post
    That's my inquiry... we'd filed with the Court re: supervised visitation & access. During first appearance Judge suspended everything until terms could be negotiated with original Judge, which was assumed to be April 2008.

    April date was adjourned by Defense Counsel as they'd been newly retained, but has since stated our suspension order is expired and his client is entitled to visitation & access... which means we're in breech, is that true?? If so, should be file a Motion to have the suspension upheld until renegotiation?? If so, why hasn't my Lawyer made that Motion???

    MCFD have maintained the Supervised visitation is recommended due to ongoing accusations of drug use, domestic disputes, RCMP involvement, drinking and neglect of 11 year old stepson.... can't say I'm open to the idea of allowing unsupervised visitation nor telephone access at this time. But not getting any legal advice from my Lawyer whom I haven't been able to track down for an update over the passed 6 months!!

    A few weeks ago I did speak to the bio Mother re: temporary consent agreement for supervised visitation and access via MSN messenger... but she's unwilling to accept those terms and would rather wait for a Hearing.
    If the other parent would rather wait for a hearing (Make sure this is in writing) then it basically is up to them to arrange such. Don't be intimidated by the other lawyers allegations, threats or opinions.


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      Thanks LV... as time has continued to progress I've been getting more worried about being in breech of our Order by not allowing visitation and access.

      I do feel for the children, as a Mother and daughter I can sympathize. However I've been privy to the drama that continues with the bio Mother and am relieved that we're not involved.


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        Have it well documented that you attempted to accommodate some sort of access for the child to their other parent.

        The court will see why the access never occurred. Sadly, they choose to forego such and wait for a hearing.



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          Update: June 2009 we FINALLY attended a hearing and the Judge granted interim order for supervised visitation and telephone access.

          About 4 years in and out of the courts to get the order we needed!!


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