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  • Ex avoiding service

    Hello All,

    I have been separated for 5 years, everything has been settled in a court order but the final actual divorce has not been dealt with (the ex refused to negotiate on anything at the time unless divorce was taken off the table).

    I am attempting to proceed with a simple divorce which my lawyer says shouldn't be an issue since everything is covered in the court order. However, my ex keeps refusing to open the door for the process server. He has also attempted to call her to set up a time for service, but she keeps hanging up.

    I have searched the forum and there's lots on service, but not on what happens when a respondent avoids it. If the process server can't serve her then what? How do the documents get to her and the divorce application move forward.

    Thank you in advance!

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    You can try serving her at work as well.

    If it is not possible to serve her, you can bring a motion for substituted service, which is essentially asking the court for permission to serve her in a different manner - perhaps by leaving a copy at her residence plus mailing a copy to her there.
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      Yes, just file an application with the courts.


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        Originally posted by StevenS View Post
        Yes, just file an application with the courts.
        You will find this link helpful. It's on how to avoid service
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