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Anyone know what is happening with rescheduled motions re COVID?

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  • Anyone know what is happening with rescheduled motions re COVID?

    We had a motion scheduled for April and it was to be rescheduled when the court reopened. I'm reading that they are back to having in court motions beginning July 6th in Toronto. Anyone know if the court is sending out notices or do we need to call in and reschedule this ourselves? I can't get through to anyone at the courthouse - straight to full voicemails for the past week.

    It was not an urgent motion - just financial - and we are both self-rep.


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    I know someone who got a notice (Ontario) of the rescheduled date. Might be they haven’t set the date for yours?


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      two court dates now "rescheduled" no new dates


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        I received this back by email when I contacted the court.

        “At this time, the court is not hearing Motion to Change/Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO) matters virtually (only judicial proceedings are being heard at this time).

        Only consent Motions to Change are being dealt with in-writing.

        Please find below the Notice to Profession on the Superior Court of Justice website that provides all information at this time:”

        Looks like we’ll all be waiting a long time before we can get any dates.


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