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What is Amicus Curiae?

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  • What is Amicus Curiae?

    From what I understand (from what I can find), on the internet, “friend of the court”, is somewhat like legal aid. Paid for by the Office of the Attorney General.

    What I don’t understand is how one goes about acquiring one.

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    One does not ‘acquire’ an Amicus Curiae. They are appointed by the court in rare circumstances to assist the proceedings. They are more common in criminal proceedings when the accused is mentally unwell, but fit enough to stand trial. The accused might refuse to instruct counsel, so the AC assists to make sure the process is somewhat balanced.

    There is precedent for appointment in family cases, but it’s very unusual and is often stems by the judge’s own decision. A ‘run of the mill’ case will not qualify for an AC.

    An easy way to think about an AC is a lawyer for the court, not for you or your ex.


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