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Sole custody and access time

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  • Sole custody and access time

    Is it possible that one parent has sole custody yet only has the child for, as an example , EOW and access time during the week, or is sole custody related to a specific amount of time and or residence.

    Thank you for any guidance, and apologies if this has been discussed, I cannot find it.

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    I have been in court with the childs mother for over three years, and she has interim custody.

    Although my goal is joint custody, the mother has tried to manufacture conflict for well over three years and the child is not yet four years old.

    Status quo has been manipulated via various police calls, false allegations, and contacting CAS, and so on being very high conflict in order to not have joint custody.

    Although I am pursuing joint custody in my application , the mother of my son is playing the high conflict card, although in reality it is completely manufactured and I have tremendous documentation and evidence to back it up in court.


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      Custody has nothing to do with time with the children. Custody relates to the ability to make certain important decisions for the children. Those are medicine, education and religion. Sole custody means that parent can make these important decisions without the consent of the other parent. Joint custody requires consent from both parents to make these choices.

      There is no connection with parenting time and custody. So yes, it is possible that one parent have the vast majority of the parenting time, but the other have sole custody. That said, it is uncommon if not extremely unlikely.


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        Thank you very much


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