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Is covid-19 affecting the experienced forum members to help?

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  • Is covid-19 affecting the experienced forum members to help?

    I'm asking because I noticed that many questions from junior members go unanswered at much higher rate compared to the pre-covid-19 period. I am aware of the rule that you should search the forum before posting questions, but many questions are new.

    Is it ok to pm experienced forum members with specific questions? If you're a senior member and ok to be pm'ed, please let us know. Thank you.

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    A lot of the senior members have moved on or are dealing with their own stuff. You could also look through as well.

    Depending on the question though, there may not be an easy answer so people donít respond.


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      Thank you rocks can; you are may be right.


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        I don't think this is a COVID-19 thing. If anything people are home more often with time on their hands.

        I'm one of a couple practicing family lawyers on here. One thing I've noticed is an increasing amount of highly specific questions that cannot be answered (responsibly) on this forum.

        General questions like "how does child support work" or "what are some ideas on getting financial disclosure when my ex is being difficult", or "who do I call at the Toronto court if I need to schedule a Case Conference" are fine. But this forum cannot be and is not a substitute for individualized legal advice.

        People often share incomplete facts, focusing on what they think is important vs what is actually important. This isn't done intentionally, but people often don't know what facts are important and what are irrelevant. As such, well intended feedback from members can be misleading or wrong because additional facts were not shared which would change the advice. This is where a lawyer who can get a global picture has incredible value.

        Case law and anecdotes can be useful, but they only give you bits of the story. Working intimately with all aspects of the case, from open to close, many times, is the only way to be qualified to give fulsome advice.

        Furthermore, most members have a sample size of 1 case. Then sometimes make the error of thinking "in my case X happened, so that's what always happens". Which is dangerous and often incorrect.

        Like new lawyers, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I've trained up several family lawyers under me who all start off the same way... forgetting that because they know a few things, that there may be other considerations which completely changes what they know. I'm sure when I was a baby lawyer I made the same errors.

        TLDR: Quick high level general questions are more likely to get answers. Paragraph and paragraphs of narrative are less likely to get a response as there is often complexity that goes beyond what most members can comment on. Take the contents of this forum with a grain of salt. Posts are as often right as they are wrong.
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          ^^^^ THAT ^^^^

          Brilliant response.


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            Originally posted by Kinso View Post
            Posts are as often right as they are wrong.
            Does the probability assessment apply to the quoted statement?

            So there is about a 50% probability that about 50% of the posts are wrong.


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              But this post could really mean no.


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