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14B motion for change to final order.

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  • 14B motion for change to final order.

    I have had a lawyers a final settlement minutes and a final order based on those minutes. Now I have to self represent.

    The final order was completed but it was agreed there would be a release created to firm things up and that a 14B motion will be used to clear up any disagreements.

    I am in Ontario does that mean I have 4 days from being served to file my response or 4 days from them filing the motion with the court?

    They do not get to file a response to my response, is that right?

    Do I need to site case law to get changes made. The opposing lawyer is a lawyer they will have case law even if not applicable or correct.

    the fight. will changes be allowed?:
    -A insignificant small change to child support for tax purposes and have it be retroactive. It was agreed that both parties would claim the tax benefits but this can't happen unless this child support change is made and it is retroactive.
    The order also says that there will be no child support owed either party from prior to the order.

    -A new item to ask for extra access 3 and 6 months from now for events.

    -A new item preventing each party from going to the others house and setting a different location for exchanging the children.

    What types items can be added to this 14B motion if this 14B motions stated purpose was to fix up disagreements in the final minutes of settlement?
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