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Special Expenses forms.

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  • Special Expenses forms.

    Hi Everyone, it has been a while since I have been here.
    I am currently registering a new case at court to get child support updated and to request special expenses (our daughter needs braces).
    I have the forms I need and one of the forms I have is a Form 13. I am required to enter my income Information of course, but I have to do a break down of monthly expenses right down to hair care and pet food expenses, I am also required to list anything valuable I have such as Jewelry and even have to enter my banking info with the account number and the total amount I have in my accounts!?
    This just doesn't seem right to me. If someone was claiming undue hardship I can see the court needing that info, but my ex? I have to serve him with a copy of these papers and am expected to list my bank account info any and all debts and the worth of my jewelry?
    I live in Ontario. Has anyone filed for special expenses before and had to do this?

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    Yes. You have to fill out 13 completely and truthfully, and serve/file 13A at the same time with your last three tax returns/NOAs. If you donít want to disclose the info, then donít pursue the Section 7 claim. It is your choice how much your privacy is worth.


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      Thanks for your reply. Does it not seem dangerous in a sense? I don't trust my ex at all. What if he decided he wanted to do something now that he knows how much everything in my home is worth. Why should he know the number and the contents of my bank account just so I can have him assist in braces for our daughter?


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        My lawyer only shows the last four digits of my credit card. But I don't think your ex seeing your financial worth should be your main concern. Your lawyer will see exactly how much he can bill you for and how long he can stretch your case to line his own pocket. No way around that either.


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          Just put the bank name and account name. Like Royal Bank Visa and then the balance. Its a privacy concern to put your whole bank info.

          My husbands lawyer just put that and the amounts, nothing else including bank numbers.


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            You have all been most helpful! Thank you for letting me pick your brains


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              Just fill out the forms.... I like to "pad" mine to make me look like I'm doing much better than I am as I know this will totally burn my ex's g/f (who is the instigator in all litigation). Have fun with it.

              Put in your bank account information but make sure you change the last digit. Don't worry, banks do not indulge client information without court order. Major banks in Canada actually have offices to deal with that.

              I actually LOVE filling out the court financial statements because I know my ex does not complete his nor does he sign his. This never goes unnoticed by the judge.

              Live well... live large... never apologize

              Unless you have amassed a fortune in Jewels then it is not worth mentioning. The loser bought you a nice ring and some "bling"? No one cares. This line is there for those who "owe" money to the court and is there for collection agencies (MEP, FRO) to be able to readily identify possible assets for collection of support arrears).

              Yes your lawyer is assessing his maximum billable hours by your financial statement. To deal with that ahole merely be sure to tell lawyer (verbally of course) that you have a massive gambling debt and the debt has collection people.
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