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    That's my 2 cents' worth. Best of luck to you.

    Others with more experiences in child custody will chime in.


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      The summer access time is already in the court order.


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        Originally posted by Dad1985 View Post
        Considering my regular weekend access and school drop offs the hours would work out based on a two week schedule

        100 Hours - Dad Mon - Fri 6 Am - 9 AM, Fri 6 AM - 9 AM, pick up school at 3 till monday morning drop off at 9 am. every other fri 6 am - 9 am pick up at school 3, drop off with mom at 8-9.
        166 hours - Mom
        70 - Hours 3rd party (school)

        This would make it an exact 60/40 split

        In the summer my hours increase as ill look after my daughter during the day from 8 am - 3 pm. friday all day going into my all weekend access every other weekend.

        at this point for summer based on two weeks

        170 Dad
        166 Mom

        This is not a 60/40 split. A judge will most likely not add up hours and figure it out the way you just have.

        How your schedule will be seen is that Mom is the primary caregiver. You have access every other weekend, with Friday evening on alternate weeks. Although you are getting your daughter for a few hours on weekday mornings, that may not be seen as a permanent thing, and probably won’t count towards anything significant. Mom’s shifts at work may change, or she may get tired of dropping off your daughter everyday at 6:30am and just hire a babysitter to come in for a couple hours to get her on the bus.

        School time is not “neutral third party time”. It will still be seen as “Mom’s time”.

        Changes to access for 2 months over the summer is not enough to be seen as a permanent change in access

        You have the startings of a good foundation for a schedule change however, especially with that November clause... but If you want a true 50/50 schedule you need to figure out your work schedule so that you are able to accommodate either week on/week off or a 2/2/3 or 2/2/5 schedule.

        Also realize that a 60/40 split does not guarantee an automatic change in CS. This is just the starting point where a judge MAY start to consider varying it


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          If I were you I would try to figure out a solid 2/2/5 or 2/2/3!schedule or whatever the heck it’s called.


          You always have daughter Monday morning until Wednesday morning. You figure shit out with work/friends/family so that you have someone to watch her while you are at work

          Ex always has her Wednesday morning until Friday morning.

          You alternate Friday morning until Monday mornings

          Are you financially and mentally prepared to still pay full table CS while having your daughter 50% of the time for at least some period of time?


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