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  • Alternate weekend to Alternate week

    A lot of access arrangements ordered through trial starts with alternate weekend, mostly for the Dads.

    My question is in what are the common circumstances that court would order access from alternate weekend to alternate week which most Dads here are striving for?

    Also, are there any cases that supports this?

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    Don't forget to consider 5522 arrangements. There are many child-centred arguments that can be used there, unlike the week about which is mostly parent-centred.

    As for the common circumstances:
    1) Parents live reasonably close to each other
    2) No documented abuse
    3) Documented involvement by both parents in the life of their children

    Tons of cases, look up shared custody on Canlii. The trend is certainly towards ordering some form of shared custody over a custody/non-custody situation as was the norm 20 years ago.


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      Also to note is the progression from EOW to shared parenting within a resonable period of time- depending on the child's age. E.g. adding an overnight every 3-4 months.


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        I would add the influence of the area you are in. For example, a smaller town may be more influenced by the EOW for fathers, while a bigger more multicultural city my be influenced by more modern trends of 50/50.


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