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Lawyer in Hamilton?

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  • Lawyer in Hamilton?

    This kind of question has probably been asked a million times, but does anyone know of a good divorce lawyer in the Hamilton area?

    Are there any resources on the net I can access which will help me make that kind of decision? I'm finding plenty of names, but few options for deciding who is any good.

    On a related note, any advice on deciding what makes a good divorce lawyer? Things I should ask them or look for?

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    I would look for someone who practices Collaborative Law. My 2 cents


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      Found a guy who seemed okay, but he charges $275/hr.

      How the hell can anyone expect to go through a process as long as a divorce proceeding and not go completely broke?


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        I found a really good "lawyer" and didnt cost me anything but the time I wanted to devote and the patience I had.......that was me and this website.....saved a ton of what was rightfully entitled to and eventually got my sole custody I sought.......take a long hard look inside before you sign with a you think you can handle the BS....wade through the legal papers and you have what it takes to hang there long enuf.......if so then self represent......good luck with your choice


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          agreed, it's a fools game! Let your X pay and just respond, or even agree to pay a portion. Just hire one for the final signing which will be hundreds rather than a new BMW for someone.

          They also slow the process in a huge way, and say nasty things that just drive you wild.

          Just my opinion learned the hard, but quick way


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            I guess my biggest issue with representing myself is that my situation is in some ways pretty complicated. This site has been very very useful, but I really don't have a lot of definitive answers to some of the questions I have.

            We are in mediation right now and I feel like I'm negotiating from a position of ignorance more and more - but I simply don't know what my rights are. I'm planning on trying to sit down with a rep at the FLIC in Hamilton, and I'm hoping they give me some of the direct answers I need.

            The lawyer I spoke to did say that if my ex has a full custody order for our son (not biologically mine) and she's not willing to alter the order to allow me joint custody, then she can't also expect me to pay support for him... especially as the bio dad is supposed to be doing so. I feel bad because he's my son and I want to support him, but the lawyer described my ex as "having her cake and eating it too... and your cake, and the biological father's cake..." He said not paying support under those conditions should not influence my ability to demand parental rights but I need to look into that before I make a move. Either way, I'll take it as free advice and run lol

            I just want this over with already.


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              it sounds like you are getting the wrong track advice from that lawyer.......

              1. are you divorced yet and is it finalized??
              2. you say hes not your son however if you have assumed the responsibility and role as a father to that child then dont deny the child just cause a suit told you what you feel is far as looking into it.....look to yourself and forget the lawes that are out there...if you feel he is your son then just pay the support......dont make it worse for the little guy
              3. like I have mentioned that you are in mediation...ANYTHING said there cannot be taken to conference......think o fyour options before you continue with mediation.......
              4. in order to give you direct answers we need direct questions (rights and and wrongs).......

              my two cents is that I was never steered wrong by this site when I was in the beginning , middle or end of it all.......I recommend this site and the users to others that I know who are going through the same....and my usual response to people is do it yourself insted of using a suit......there is nothing stating you have to be represented by legal my eyes that just what they are council.....if you have a question they can help......but payin gthem 200$+/hr to dress in a suit and regurjitate what you already told them is not worth it to me.......I had to weigh pros & cons of it of biggest con was I didnt feel like I should put their child through post secondary education when I have my own to worry about


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                Just a thought


                While each case is different, the boundaries of Family law are restrictive . We the people involved consider our matters complex, when those more objective can see that there is indeed a simple answer. Your concern and love for the child is indeed honourable.

                My suggestion may seem to be simple, but having seen father's waste countless dollars pursuing custody and ending in constant battles with the other parent.

                My suggestion.. ask for visitation on a regular basis from the custodial parent and suggest that you will, if granted that, open an account held in trust for that child for their future. Put the thousands that you would spend on lawyers fees towards the development of the child, and you and the child will both be the better for it.

                In the meantime, to see the cold reality and maybe hear it from fathers who have experienced your path may be to attend a meeting or two at Divorced Dads.
                Here's the website:


                Check it out. The gentleman who runs the site and meetings ( i believe they are free still) has walked down your path. Write down your question or two and get ready for the stark reality of fighting for custody. You think your situation is complex until you listen to some of these stories. But the lawyer you spoke to in my opinion was correct, it is probable that will be the outome.

                You will have an uphill battle and costly one for even joint custody, and I think that she would have a costly one asking for support for a child that was not biologically yours nor legally adopted by you.

                Notwithstanding your decision, legal counsel is still necessary. Attend a meeting with the group and ask if anyone has a recommendation for legal counsel in the area you live.

                Take care Just_a_thought
                Hope this helps


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                  Thanks littleman and McBroke for the advice.

                  I think I may need to look at self-representation for strictly financial reasons, so I've already started brushing up. I still hope a resolution can be mediated, but I don't want to be caught with my pants down if she decides to go to court.

                  As for my son, I hear what both of you are saying and that's my turmoil right now. He's absolutely my son - biology be damned - and I will never allow him to go without. That part of me wants to just pay the support and do my part. At the same time though, I don't think it's fair to agree to paying support for him when I know she will also be getting support from the biological father. I wouldn't even mind that so much except that she's not willing to give me formal joint custody. Basically, she gets to retain full legal custody plus she gets double payments while I'm struggling to keep up.

                  I have no problem paying - and really as a father, I want to pay - but I think something fair needs to be worked out. I'm sure if we went to the bio dad and said "listen, abandon all claims to access and custody and allow us to have joint custody and your financial obligations are over", he'd jump at it in a second. That's what I think I'm going to put forth in the next mediation.

                  Also, that Divorced Dad resource looks great. I've already signed up to the newsletter and will probably be going to a meeting next week - many thanks!


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                    for case law


                    for inspiring quotes

                    family law resource for custody


                    legal dictionary


                    legal terminology


                    pro bono consults with law students, never used it but it may help you


                    how to question judge judy style. techniques


                    Words from the wise.


                    legal writing tips

                    Good luck let us know how the group session goes.
                    Hope these bookmarks help



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                      That is the most useful grouping of websites i've seen in ages... thanks so much!

                      Everyone here should bookmark this thread.. I'll be reading for a week lol


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