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Judgements for court costs

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  • Judgements for court costs

    Just curious if anyone here has ever heard of a court awarding costs?

    My husbands ex is constantly running to her lawyer for the silliest things and attempting to alienate my step-son from his father. Two psychologists, OCL appointments and several communications with lawyers and court visits later, everyone is starting to see my husbands ex in her true light. We have obviously taken a huge financial hit from this and will be trying to re-coup at least half of the psychologists bills, OCL and hopefully lawyer and court fees.

    Any direction would be most appreciated. TIA

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    You should look up costs. A lot of factors are involved. Has your husband made an offer to settle? Then start moving the matter forward in court.


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      This forum has experience with costs:

      Izyuk v. Bilousov, 2011 ONSC 7476 (CanLII)
      Date: 2011-12-16
      File number: F2172/09
      Other citations: 7 RFL (7th) 358; [2012] WDFL 1818; [2011] CarswellOnt 14392; [2011] OJ No 5814 (QL); 210 ACWS (3d) 143
      Citation: Izyuk v. Bilousov, 2011 ONSC 7476 (CanLII),

      Start there and then click on the "Cited by 66 documents" and read each and every one of those. Although this case deals with an unrepresented litigants costs it is very relevant to the pattern of behaviour you very briefly outlined. Again, read all the related cases. Don't stop at this one and think "this is exactly like our case" as no two cases are the same.

      Also, if you have a lawyer they should know how to deal with costs.


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        In my uncontested trial, the judge awarded me $30,000 in costs. I was shocked but again, my ex had a long history of not showing up, lying to judges and finally was found to be in contempt of court.


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