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  • Child affidavit

    Just wondering on your thoughts?

    My ex is lying about their living situation on the court documents they submitted as well as on the sworn financial statement. This could impact the outcome of our upcoming court motion.

    How likely is a judge willing to accept a sworn affidavit from our 18 year old who can attest to the correct version of the living situation as they were present in that household for over 4 years?

    Trying to keep it never know if the ex is on here Although I suppose mentioning them claiming the cleaning of the dog poop should be a S7 expense might have given it away!
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    At 18 he/she is no longer considered a child, so it might carry some weight.
    Personally, I don't think it would hurt to have it, but it probably won't carry that much weight on it's own.

    It would probably be best used as support to other evidence that you may have. That way it's harder to challenge your claim.


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