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Notice to Dismiss Action??????

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  • Notice to Dismiss Action??????

    Can someone tell me quickly why the courthouse sent me this? They are giving me a month to set a Case Conference or Settlement Conference date.

    Does anyone know what the costs are for applying and going to a Case Conference? I am now self-represented and the courthouse is not returning my calls.


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    has your case been stagnate for a while......thats is my assumption why you would get that........the courthouse will not call you have to go there in person......Privacy Act comes into play would the person on other end of phone its really you and not someone else......have you went through a divorce? if so the case conference doesnt cost anything.......the court employees will add and 'A' after your divorce file.......but you have to have that number for them to cross reference.......are the chldren if involved from that marriage......if this is for divorce the whole 'divorce' up to final decree is about 700$........providing uncontested......contested divorces obviously cost more.......I am not sure of the price for contested divorce......check it out when you go to courthouse for info.......and get your case conference scheduled.......if you dont the matter will be dropped and not heard by a judge at all


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      Thanks Littleman, you really helped me and I can stop worrying for a bit! The case has been stagnant for about 6 months and there are no children involved. Good point about not calling me back from my message! I will go the Family Court info centre and get their advice on getting a Case Conference . I will then hope or the best!

      When you say no cost for a case conference does that mean no cost for the court appearance too. I thought it was expensive to do this but maybe the cost is to have your lawyer there all day. Is this correct?


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        if you have a lawyer then the costs are directed to you from your lawyer not from the courts......unfortunately it looks like it could be potentially expensive


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