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Financial Statements errors

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  • Financial Statements errors

    My financial statement form 13.1 was done Feb 14/07 prior to my receiving temporary spousal support.

    1) If I go to a Case Conference for Division of Goods and retro spousal, do I have to redo the section on income to include new spousal amounts.

    2) There are many errors on the General Items and Vehicles part 7b of the Financial Statement that I just discored today such as: a loan that was taken AFTER seperation that I am responsible for. The amount is listed as of date of valuation which is incorrect and should not even be on the financial statement. I obtained a blank Form 13.1 from courthouse today and want to know if I should write a proper Financial Statement to correct the errors?

    3) In General Household items and Vehicles. It appears as if it splits each asset in half for value. Only 3 choices are available like "on date of marriage" or " Date of valuation" "today". Does the column "today" include the value if one person has POSSESSION of the asset. If not where would that go. eg. if I have a car and he has a truck both jointly owned...would they both still go under "on valuation date" column?

    4) If the matrimonial home is for sale at a lower price than it was in February I guess that would have to be corrected too.


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    Question about form 3B

    When do you use a 3B Statement of Assets and where do I find a blank form?(not found on any sites or books searched). Can I use this 3B form without the form 13 Financial Statement for negotiation of division of goods?


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