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Past Conduct in 2014 and Prior an Issue?

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  • Past Conduct in 2014 and Prior an Issue?

    Hi All,

    Thank you for reading this thread. I am 1 year into the divorce proceedings. I met my wife in 2015 and married in 2015. Daughter was born in 2016 and we separated in 2017. I am seeking joint custody and equal parenting plan, and have always put our daughter 1st. However, my ex is steadfast that I should only be an "access parent" and wants to raise our child on her own.

    I fully confess. I was an alcoholic in the past. I have been and am completely sober for over a year now, however my ex is trying to use past alcoholism as her smoking gun to solidify why it would be devastating for our daughter to spend any time with me. I have explained to her several times that I no longer drink at all. Ever. However she is still persisting. She is pursuing trying to demonstrate to the judge on how I was an alcoholic in 2014, etc.

    Is any of this relevant? Anyone know of similar cases that have been argued in that regard? Thank you all for your insights!!

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    so you continued to drink after 2014 and stopped about a year ago so around 2016 or 2017? So up until about a year ago you were an alcoholic but are now a recovering alcoholic?

    I guess the big thing would be did you do anything stupid while drinking. If you did then she may be able to use that against you but I am not sure how much weight it would hold. What proof can you offer court that you have changed your ways and no longer drink?


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