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How to leave the house?

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  • How to leave the house?

    How does one leave the family house, yet still maintain protection of one's rights?

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain in the same house with my wife. There is so much anger on her part that I find it impossible to share the same space with her.

    After sitting down through a couple of negotiating sessions, we had worked out an agreement for child custody and finances, or so I thought.

    She has now said that she has more "issues", although she is non-specific at this time. She does not want to discusss further until she talks to her lawyer which will only be in two weeks. Meanwhile she takes every opportunity to vent her anger on me...a continuous stream of insults, guilt, threats, etc.

    I need to get away but am afraid of prejudicing my rights with kids and the house.

    Does anyone have any advice in this situation?

    Thanks in advance

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    W50, I can understand your position as I'm there too. I was hoping my ex CL would take the summer school break months to pack and leave but I see no progress in that area. She doesn't have a lawyer as of yet but uses that tactic against me too in threats. I wouldn't go to the limit of changing locks and denying her access as that would shock my young son...too stressful.
    I've signed off on the sep agreement document but she has not.

    Deadlocked I guess at this point....


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      I understand where you are at since I was there a year ago. Unfortunately I left the house out of frustration and fear and now a year later I'm still battling legally. I ended up having the locks changed 3 times on me and it cost me over $3,000. in legal fees to get a court order to get a key. He had left for Florida for 6 months with the house for sale and seperation not dealt with. I left with nothing and a year later I'm still battling to get half of what is mine. You have no idea how difficult it will be...neither did I. The house is still not sold and now I have no money to pay my lawyer to continue fighting and must continue by representing myself. So far I'm in $7,000. in legal fees and have not accomplished much.

      If I was to start over I would leave for a few days to regroup but go back and plan my departure when I had all my ducks in order. Sell the house before leaving, look after putting some money away, get own credit cards and line up housing, banking, pensions, etc. My lifestyle has crashed to nothing and it's hard and humiliating....I should have stuck it out until I was better prepared. Once you leave, everything is more difficult to do. Think it through, make a plan and get as much done legally before you leave. Good luck!


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